An upgraded shop and online gallery for Vic Reeves

“It looks great, well done.” Vic Reeves, Artist and Entertainer

Project Description

Vic Reeves Art Rebuild

Jim Moir has been making paintings, drawings and prints since the early 1980’s. This practice has continued alongside acting and comedy for which he is better known, although to him they are all forms of artistic expression. His approach is refreshingly impulsive and his work often incorporates elements that are unsettling or bizarre. The source might be from his imagination or an experience from life.

Bryter Digital has a long-standing relationship with Jim and has been working directly with him since we built his first online shop and gallery in 2014. The shop has been incredibly successful, becoming the main outlet for Jim’s prolific and popular artwork. The site, however, was creaking at the seams so it was decided to give it a complete overhaul, Vic Reeves Art needed a rebuild, including an entirely new home page, updated product pages and a new ecommerce implementation. In-page animation, added news updates and embedded social feeds provide a hint of his comedic personality. Behind the scenes, we have optimised the back-end to deliver a faster site with full resilience ready to handle a large influx of users.

A small commission on sales covers all development costs and ongoing maintenance which, for us, is a great business model.

The site includes:

  • Custom WordPress front end
  • Integrated WooCommerce shop
  • Embedded social feeds
  • Full responsive styling
  • All Product photography by Bryter Digital

Project Details

Client Vic Reeves Art

Skills Web development, design, hosting, WordPress, WooCommerce, database management, photography and content

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