Tarmac Blue Circle product calculators

Project Description

Tarmac Blue Circle Calculator
Tarmac asked us to redevelopment and redesign their existing Blue Circle product calculators. The calculators were being used on their website to enable customers to calculate the volume in bags of the cement they required to complete a building project.

Tarmac asked us to build and implement new calculators with additional functionality that allowed calculations for any job size or product. They wanted a shareable, scalable solution that would allow the calculators to be embedded on their own site and be distributable for use on customer and partner websites.

Bryter Digital developed a range of calculators using React.JS. Our embeddable progressive web app allows ease of application and installation on partners and distributors websites .

Project Details

Client Tarmac Blue Circle Calculator

Website Tarmac Blue Circle

Skills Software Development, Progressive Web App Development, React.JS, design, hosting

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